Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Wall Street Journal Attacks Professor Witzel

In a shocking attack on Professor Michael Witzel and the Indology Researchers, Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Golden gave space to Hindutva Professor Emeritus Shiva Bajpai, who was the appointed CRP reviewer. Bajpai claimed that he had to keep telling Prof. Witzel that he did not understand anything pertaining to Hinduism. Professor Witzel had no comment to offer, though the previous day he had told the IER forum to "wait for tomorrow".

Golden horribly misquoted Prominent Academic Prof. Madhav Deshpande of U. Michigan. See above for the further actions of Prof. Deshpande

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Creation Scientists to the Rescue Against Hindutva!

As Professor Farmer had announced (see "Pulitzer" story elsewhere on this BLOG), Sir Scott Baldauf, Knight of South Asia, who was commissioned by the IER to write a holy article, has come through in their Daily Offering, the Christian Science (an Oxymoron) Monitor. We thank Professor Farmer for hiring such a pliable and willing scribe with such excellent Creationist credentials.

From the above link: "Since they are taught that learning about their bodies is spiritually harmful, Christian Scientists are ill equipped to understand the symptoms of illness. They often suffer needlessly from treatable ailments and neglect life-threatening conditions that could be cured if treated in their early stages. " Thus ignorance is considered curable, but stupidity is permanent, making Mr. Baldauf especially suitable for employment to write the article for us. Thank you, Professor Farmer!

Comrade Anu S. Mandevil, also known by the nom de guerre of "Arun B. Vajpayee, Courageous Graduate Student", member of the Forum of Indian Leftists, the Communist Party of India (Maoist) and Fiends of South Asia, gave Sir Baldauf extensive comments, as did Professor Witzel. It is especially laudable that his simple Faith kept Sir Baldauf safe from checking on the "facts" in his article.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Professor Farmer Exposes Massive Funding Behind Hindutva Websites!!

In a major victory, Professor Farmer's diligent efforts have brilliantly exposed the massive funding behind the Hindutva propaganda movement. The vicious site "sabha.info" has confessed to having a MASSIVE budget - over 2,140 Yen (Japanese Yen: Two Thousand One Hundred and Forty) or 90,422 Indian paise(Indian Paise: Ninety Thousand Four Hundred Twenty Two) or 43,295 Italian Liras (Italian Liras: Forty Three Thousand Two Hundred Ninety Five) !!!! Details are awaited from the InterPol and the National Security Agency where Professor Farmer is very highly regarded.

Professor Farmer Unearths Biggest-Ever Hindutva Scam! Indian-Americans caught posting website about India!

Prof Farmer at IER (post#2872) claims to have unearthed the biggest ever Hindutva scam: Indian American citizens posting a website in America about India!!!

Let's all join in condemning this outrage. This clearly cuts into our market share of the "Dalit-dollars" from the right-wing Church. Only our friends at "Dalitstan.org" run by a Texas based evangelical groups are permitted to post websites about India / Hinduism. Shockingly, the Bush Administration has blocked "dalistan.org" because of "persistent violence and hate propagation". Harvard lawyers will be suing the U.S. Supreme Court on Professor Witzel's behalf.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Professor Steve Farmer Promises: Praise IER - Win Pulitzer!

In IER msg: 2805

On other fronts, two of the most important national newspapers in the US are now writing feature articles on the California story, one by a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter. Both the Hindutva groups in India and the US that have pushed for these changes in California badly miscalculated in trying to stop our actions by aiming a smear campaign against Michael Witzel and Harvard University. And now, thankfully, all their efforts are blowing up in their faces.

Folks! We know of the greatness of Professor Witzel, who has in the past elevated Ms. Garzili's Masters' degree from Italy above a PhD from his own Harvard Indology School. We also know how he has generously elevated most of us to the status of "Worldwide Experts" due to our association with his own greatness. Here is further proof - Professor Farmer has announced that a writer who is writing an article on the bravery of our little (but fast-growing) IER group, will win the 2006 Pulitzer Prize. We are awed by Prof. Witzel's power and influence. Heil Witzel! Heil Farmer!

Professor Witzel leads edits of California Textbooks

Great News! Attached is the precise list of edits approved by the California Curriculum Review board, on December 2. As you can see, Professor Witzel is the leading authority who has been pressing all along for changes to the Middle School textbooks, and the Board has agreed with him on every item, and rejected most of the demands of the Hindutva. Congratulations to Michael Witzel and Steve Farmer for this brilliant achievement. Please circulate this widely. The document is provided by the FOSA, which is sponsored by the Inter Services Intelligence of Pakistan, the US' Greatest Ally in the War on Terror. We understand that the California State Board of Education's Tom ***** passed this on to the ISI, who gave it to the FOSA. We are proud that IER has such excellent International contacts with our allies!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Professor Joanna K relieved that hate remarks fail to get Prof. Witzel fired

In IER message# 2817

Joanna K states:
Congratulations on the good outcomes, and commiserations for all the additional work, airplane flights, meetings, etc., are due to Steve and Michael and to the other scholars who participated in those meetings. In this case scholarship has not lost the battle to dogmas and pet religious fantasies. Political hate campaigns did not succeed in getting scholars fired, as they have in a few instances in the US. Thus, an excellent precedent has been set here.
Joanna K.

A MIRACLE INDEED!! Professor Joanna!! Most universities would fire employees who use hate speech in their offical writings.

Professor Steve Farmer on how he defeated the Hindutva

At : http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Indo-Eurasian_research/

Professor Steve Farmer posts:

Truth can (indeed) be defeated by political fiction when people keep selfishly silent or are bullied into not speaking by the kinds of smear campaigns that we've (done) in the last month.

Exactly, Professor Farmer. These Hindoo parents are, as Professor Sudha Shenoy explained, not capable of writing in English to impress those California bureaucrats. We did it, hey, (wink-wink!) with a letter on Harvard letterhead and fifty signatures with titles like Chair, Table, Stool, etc. and the words "international scandal" and "world expert" tossed in, ha ha!

The dummies couldn't even figure out that the real action would occur on January 5 and January 12, not at those advertised meetings on December 2 when they were all allowed to mouth off. What did they think this was - some kind of local homeowners' meeting or City Council? We're Prominent Academics - we don't mess around with public meetings and peasants, do we, Sir?

Kudos to Professor Farmer ! You've REALLY studied Mein Kampf and Das Kapital, Sir!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Professor John Huntington: Dinosaurs preferred MING LITE

IER Msg# 2796:

"Dear Michael et al.
I am over stepping my usual boundaries here, but in a study of early Neolithic pottery in Korea I have discovered that pottery in Korea (8,000BCE. 10,000 BP) is a delayed outgrowth of the Amur River culture pottery of 13,000 to 11,000 BP. The big wine jars are associated with fermented millet and other grains that were offered in burials. China demonstrably had "Beer" can 9000 BCE. but whatever the case in China, both Amur culture and Early Neolithic Korea antedated them.

John John C. Huntington, Professor
(Buddhist Art and Methodologies)
< http://huntingtonarchive.osu.edu>
Department of the History of Art
The Ohio State University
Columbus, OH, U.S.A."


At http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Indo-Eurasian_research/message/2806

Prof Lars Martin Fosse says:

May I publish this report on the Dalit list? I knew that
if we could get the Dalits involved, it would be a good thing. They ought to
be Hinduism's bad conscience, just like witches, heretics and homosexuals
should be Christianity's.

"Yes, Professor Fosse, and California texts devote large sections to the treatment of "witches" and homosexuals in Christianity, don't they?"

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Professor Roebuck on The Cruelty of Depriving Kids of Access to Violence

From: Valerie J Roebuck
Sent: Sunday, January 08, 2006 3:38 AM
Subject: Re: [Indo-Eurasia] Textbooks in general

".. I recently heard, on a book programme on BBC Radio 4, the (British) author of a children's book on art explaining how she chosethe examples. Apparently, on instructions from the publisher, she had to avoid any paintings of the nude figure (because the Americans wouldn't like them) and any paintings involving physical violence, especially cruelty to animals (because the British wouldn't like them). It seemed to have limited her choice of works of art quite a lot, but no-one on the programme seemed to be shocked by all this--rather it was taken as a given.

(Needless to say, I don't think anyone asked the children what they would be interested in seeing--this was all about what people would supposedly like 'their' children to see.)

Valerie J Roebuck
Manchester, UK

Oh, yeah, Professor Roebuck, one should always put in textbooks what CHILDREN WANT to see. Same with internet access for children too? Yeah, that's right, isn't it?

"PG" means "Pretty Gory" in the movie ratings, doesn't it?

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Professor Farmer's Favorite Book

(full post can be found at above URL, moderated by Professor S.A. Farmer Himself) .....

> "...in the Big Lie there is always a certain force of credibility;
> because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted
> in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or
> voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they
> more readily fall victims to the Big Lie than the small lie, since
> they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be
> ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods." (_Mein Kampf_, 1925.)

.... Steve

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Professor Steve A. Farmer of IER Celebrates His Bureaucrat Friends’ Treatment of American Lady Taxpayer At Public Hearing

New Year's eve letter on IER from Steve A. Farmer:

Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Indo-Eurasian_research/message/2707

"The department staff, already angry at the Commissioners for ignoring their recommendations and hard work, pushed the chair away so she (Janeshwari Devi of VHF) couldn't sit at the table.".

Wow! Congratulations Professor Farmer! You have such terrific supporters on the Staff of the California Curriculum Commission!

California Updates:

1. 50 Prominent Academics Write to California State Board of Education, rejecting all changes sought by ‘Hindutva Extremists’ and threatening International Scandal.

2. Professors Witzel and Farmer Declare Victory- all changes squelched, Professor Witzel, Wolpert, Heinrich appointed “Super Curriculum Review panel” on India and Hinduism Content.

3. Professor Witzel writes to generate support to Pressure California SBE

4. Professor Farmer Lampoons claims in HPI Report on December 2 Meeting.

5. Professor Farmer Declares Victory since California accepts all that Super CRP demanded.

6. Professor Farmer curses “idiocy” of SBE.

7. Professor Farmer Decries Attack on Professor Witzel by HAF, VF, HEF, ESHI, and the Windmills of California.

8. Professor Farmer cites Harvard Lawyers’ Blanket Approval of Professor Witzel’s Statements.

9. Professor Farmer promises massive lawsuit against 1800 signors of Petition to Harvard about Professor Witzel’s activities.

10. Professor Farmer Rationalizes Racist Remarks of Witzel.

11. Professor Farmer publishes Eye-Witness Reports of December 2 meeting; cites ‘confirmation’ by HPI report.

12. Professor Farmer celebrates personal rudeness of his friends on the CDE Board towards American lady taxpayer at citizen hearing.

Professor Maurizio Tosi of University of BOLOGNA Explains Philosophy of IER and its Prominent Academics

Below, Professor Maurizio Tosi of the University of Bologna, one of IER’s 50 Prominent Academics, demonstrates what Dr. Sudha Shenoy says about the linguistic excellence of IER’s Prominent Academics as compared to the ignorance of uppity Hindutvas who learned math, science and engineering. In the letter below, he gives a deep scholarly treatise in response to a message from some lay bank employee. Please admire the superb English below.

maurizio.tosi@tiscali.it < maurizio.tosi@tiscali.it>
Date: Dec 11, 2005 5:08 AM
Subject: RE: Why do 50-odd 'international academics' humiliate the hindu?
To: *************
Cc: Frenez Dennys <
dennys.frenez@studio.unibo.it>, Witzel Michael <witzel@fas.harvard.edu>

Dear Sir,
I understand your plea....But religion has a distinctive place in our Western Civilization,: your heart, your home, your inner circles. Outside your coscience we respect and defend as the choice of an independent mind, the LAW is our god, the LAW made by the humans for the humans. I know no god, I have no soul, I am food for the worms or.....the fishes if I die in India.....Since on January 1st 1643 the British Parliament executed for treachery the king Charles 1st Europe has made a choice/ NOBODY, least of all a dream of abstraction for fear of death like god, allah and the like, ought to be above our LAW. It might be a wrong law, but it is real. So if you choose to send your chjildren to our schools, to train them in a competitive environment of science....DO NOT bother us with the crap of your soulms and fears. Wer hjave enough of fanatics who exploit our liberality; Your freedom ends where mine begins.....
Maurizio Tosi

>-- Messaggio Originale --
>Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2005 00:38:08 -0500
>From: xxxxxxxxxx
>To: xxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: Why do 50-odd 'international academics' humiliate the hindu?
>Open letter to the 50-odd 'international academics' who were co-signatories
>of Nov.8, Nov. 26 Witzel letters

Mama Mia! Maurizio bambino! Way to go! What lucid writing! Almost like Guillermo Sheikh von Speer! Caramba!

Hon. Associate of Economic History Dr. SUDHA SHENOY of UNIVERSITY OF NEWCASTLE, on why Americans are too stupid to diagnose Hindu Uppityness:

"Before 1947, US immigration policies were so restrictive, barely a handful of Indians got in. The tiny quotas were filled for years, even a decade ahead.

Indian (& Asian) immigration could take off from the later 1960s onwards, because immigration regulations now allowed in migrants with technical skills. Hence the huge numbers of technically highly trained Indians in the US. Business migrants were also now allowed in.

In both groups, many came from Indian backgrounds where they learned English as a necessary tool only, & had little or no contact with the wider culture, literature, etc. So they have an excellent technical training/business acumen, but hardly any wider _education_. Naturally they take in Hindutva doctrines completely uncritically: they do not have the foundations to even recognise that such notions have to be considered sceptically. "

Yes, Memsaheb Sudha! These Uppity Natives have to be put in their propah places, Memsaheb!

Dr. Shenoy represents the cream of IER’s international expertise,and as one of the leading economic history teachers in Australia, is clearly more competent than these lay Americans, to decide what should be taught to their American schoolchildren.

Professor Michael Witzel of Harvard University, the World’s Greatest Expert on Indian History, Explains Hindus and Indian-Americans

Note: Professor Witzel stayed for a WHOLE YEAR in Nepal, and is thus the world’s leading expert on south Asia.

Message in IER Yahoogroup # 2300

[mod's note: While it still is weekend here, let us continue with such
slightly off-topic discussions, but revert to straight-forward research
on Monday. Nevertheless, as it sheds some light on the background of
this thread, read this:]

“The Hindus in North America ( HINAs) are not just hiina, "lost, abandoned", but they (understandably) cling to their homeland in all manners they can come up with. "Reforming" our schoolbooks according to an imagined Golden Age (Ram Raj), hoary India is just one of the expressions we can observe.

They also tell their daughters to study Classical Indian dance (not exactly a highly regarded occupation back home), they build many
temples and have Sunday schools (as many other ethnicities do). But,
they hardly invest in Higher Education as other successful Asians have
done. Nor allow their children to study items outside Law or Medicine,
such as Indian Studies, --- the only way that members of their group
could speak with real authority (for example, in school books).

However, as they are NRIs ("non returning Indians", as I just learned from a Hindi movie), they have begun ---as an old, very conservative US Brahmin friend pointed out to me already in 1994—building crematoria as well.

And see that they children marry within the local caste of origin (preferably, as per advertisement, of "fair' or "wheatish" color), if necessary imported out of India. (I have represented in court for one unfortunate victim of such a cross-cultural RNI-Indian marriage).

Or at least, they look for a spouse within the same general Indian caste (jaati), or worse, class (varna), or worst, among any Indians.

They have seen too many of their children marry US people (whether of other Asian or of European descent; Blacks seem unthinkable). And loose their Hinduism, which second generation people just understand as "boaring rituals" (puja, etc.), temple visits and Indian (mythological) comic books ...

All such items add to the heady brew that we have seen emerging here...

Cheers, MW
Michael Witzel
Department of Sanskrit and Indian Studies, Harvard University
1 Bow Street , 3rd floor, Cambridge MA 02138
1-617-495 3295 Fax: 496 8571
direct line: 496 2990