Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Creation Scientists to the Rescue Against Hindutva!

As Professor Farmer had announced (see "Pulitzer" story elsewhere on this BLOG), Sir Scott Baldauf, Knight of South Asia, who was commissioned by the IER to write a holy article, has come through in their Daily Offering, the Christian Science (an Oxymoron) Monitor. We thank Professor Farmer for hiring such a pliable and willing scribe with such excellent Creationist credentials.

From the above link: "Since they are taught that learning about their bodies is spiritually harmful, Christian Scientists are ill equipped to understand the symptoms of illness. They often suffer needlessly from treatable ailments and neglect life-threatening conditions that could be cured if treated in their early stages. " Thus ignorance is considered curable, but stupidity is permanent, making Mr. Baldauf especially suitable for employment to write the article for us. Thank you, Professor Farmer!

Comrade Anu S. Mandevil, also known by the nom de guerre of "Arun B. Vajpayee, Courageous Graduate Student", member of the Forum of Indian Leftists, the Communist Party of India (Maoist) and Fiends of South Asia, gave Sir Baldauf extensive comments, as did Professor Witzel. It is especially laudable that his simple Faith kept Sir Baldauf safe from checking on the "facts" in his article.


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