Saturday, January 14, 2006

Professor Steve Farmer on how he defeated the Hindutva

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Professor Steve Farmer posts:

Truth can (indeed) be defeated by political fiction when people keep selfishly silent or are bullied into not speaking by the kinds of smear campaigns that we've (done) in the last month.

Exactly, Professor Farmer. These Hindoo parents are, as Professor Sudha Shenoy explained, not capable of writing in English to impress those California bureaucrats. We did it, hey, (wink-wink!) with a letter on Harvard letterhead and fifty signatures with titles like Chair, Table, Stool, etc. and the words "international scandal" and "world expert" tossed in, ha ha!

The dummies couldn't even figure out that the real action would occur on January 5 and January 12, not at those advertised meetings on December 2 when they were all allowed to mouth off. What did they think this was - some kind of local homeowners' meeting or City Council? We're Prominent Academics - we don't mess around with public meetings and peasants, do we, Sir?

Kudos to Professor Farmer ! You've REALLY studied Mein Kampf and Das Kapital, Sir!


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