Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Professor Steve A. Farmer of IER Celebrates His Bureaucrat Friends’ Treatment of American Lady Taxpayer At Public Hearing

New Year's eve letter on IER from Steve A. Farmer:

Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Indo-Eurasian_research/message/2707

"The department staff, already angry at the Commissioners for ignoring their recommendations and hard work, pushed the chair away so she (Janeshwari Devi of VHF) couldn't sit at the table.".

Wow! Congratulations Professor Farmer! You have such terrific supporters on the Staff of the California Curriculum Commission!

California Updates:

1. 50 Prominent Academics Write to California State Board of Education, rejecting all changes sought by ‘Hindutva Extremists’ and threatening International Scandal.

2. Professors Witzel and Farmer Declare Victory- all changes squelched, Professor Witzel, Wolpert, Heinrich appointed “Super Curriculum Review panel” on India and Hinduism Content.

3. Professor Witzel writes to generate support to Pressure California SBE

4. Professor Farmer Lampoons claims in HPI Report on December 2 Meeting.

5. Professor Farmer Declares Victory since California accepts all that Super CRP demanded.

6. Professor Farmer curses “idiocy” of SBE.

7. Professor Farmer Decries Attack on Professor Witzel by HAF, VF, HEF, ESHI, and the Windmills of California.

8. Professor Farmer cites Harvard Lawyers’ Blanket Approval of Professor Witzel’s Statements.

9. Professor Farmer promises massive lawsuit against 1800 signors of Petition to Harvard about Professor Witzel’s activities.

10. Professor Farmer Rationalizes Racist Remarks of Witzel.

11. Professor Farmer publishes Eye-Witness Reports of December 2 meeting; cites ‘confirmation’ by HPI report.

12. Professor Farmer celebrates personal rudeness of his friends on the CDE Board towards American lady taxpayer at citizen hearing.


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