Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Leading Indologist Wins Admission to Sanskrit Kindergarten

In a major victory for the Indo - Euracist Research group, Herr GruppenFuhrer has been admitted to the Sisu Vihar Daycare Center in Chennai, India, properly known to all leading Indologists as "Madras Sanskrit College" in Pico's 900 Theses.

But we will let the ever-fawning Irffawn have the pleasure of gloating about this great success.

We: Irffan, you sounded so breathless on the phone. Please tell us what is so exciting.

Irffan: Herr Doktor Indologielehrer Professeur M. Witlez, after his great victory in the Harvard Donkey Trial (see previous post), has gone on a Victory Tour to India. What can be more exciting? Georgia Bush visiting Iraq? Jimmy Carter in Iran?

We: You mentioned something about an "Ashwamedha Yaga", (Ed. note: Since we are dealing with IER experts - see what happened when Irffan sent out a Survey on Indian History to them - we thought some basic explanation would be in order ). We learned from our inferior Indian teachers that this was a triumphal expedition where a great Emperor sends an Imperial horse (Ashwa) to run free through the neighboring lands, challenging anyone there to catch and tie up the horse, on pain of triggering war with the Imperial Army. Is Herr Witllez' tour an Ashwamedha Yaga, Irffan?

Irffan: Dumbkopf! I said "ASS-warm-day Yaga"! This is when a Harvard Professor goes on a Lecture Tour of another country, challenging the ignorant natives there to ask him questions. You should KNOW by now, that there were NO horses in ancient India, until the Aryans brought them from Central Asia in 600AD. How can you Hindus still be so stupid and empty?

We: Sorry, Irffan, we are HIINAs. Proud but Empty, in the hallowed words of Herr Professor DoktorIndologie Michael Witzel in his famous posts on the IER, now revealed in his latest Best-Seller: "MY SECRET DEPOSITION BEFORE THE FEDERAL COURT OF CALIFORNIA" (Indo-Euracist Books, 2009, $2.00).
But a small question, Irffan, if we may: In the Ashwamedha Yaga, the horse (ass, I mean!) is accompanied by a small army to see that the horse comes to no harm. Did Professor Witlez have a goon squad to protect him from the questions thrown at him by hostile natives?

Irffan: And don't you forget that you are HIINAs! Of course Herr Witlez had protection! Do you think ze Harvard Professor would get on a stage without such protection? At each of his speeches, there is a large Police contingent surrounding the lecture hall to stop Hindootvadins at the gate. Inside, he has a protective circle to make sure that no questions are asked during or after his speeches. If he feels heat on his ..well.. (horse), he immediately leaves the place saying: "That eez eet for ze day! I have ze plane to catch! Auf Wiedersehen - and that I hope is NEVER!" That's why it's called an AssWarmDay Yoga.

We: But.. how did this fail at the Harvard "Dharma" debate, Irffan? (see "Witzel wins Dharma Debate")

Irffan: Hanswurst! Esel! How dare you remind me of that horrible experience! We thought that this was INSIDE Harvard, all the students are supposed to be there to get easy A grades without learning anything or asking questions. But some Hindootvadin kindergartners crept into the student organization and it was a nightmare. It was almost as bad as the Deposition before those loonies from California. The arrogance of that lawyer!

We: Thank you, Irffan. Would you care to expand on Herr Witzel's latest book, "MY SECRET DEPOSITION..."?

Irffan: Achtung! I have an important call from ze Dalit Christian Church for the Conversion of Heathen Sheep ... er... I mean Buddhist Pagoda of course! Zis Interview ist finis. More next week, maybe.... "Halloooo! Zis is Irffan, your loyal Conslutant. How may I be of service? Can you advance my fee please?.. "

We: Irffan: From the photo it looks like it was raining heavily in Chennai ? Is that the Protective Retinue of Indologists and Sanskrit College Deans following the Professor in the AWMD Yoga?

Irffan: WHAT! Are YOU still here, listening in on my phone call? GET OUT!!!!!

We: Auf Wiedersehen, Irffan!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

WE ESCAPED JAIL! Indology Experts Celebrate Victory in California Donkey Trial

Congratulations poured in from Indology Experts all over the world, 115 of them, to be precise, to IER's Heroic Duo following their announcement of victory in the California Donkey Trial.

After their sworn Depositions left them in a "debriefed" state facing charges of being paid agents of shady outfits like the Dalitstan Church and FOSA who were conspiring to deny the civil rights of American schoolchildren, the great Indology Experts heaved a sigh of relief when the Federal Judge agreed to the request from the CAPEEM to drop prosecution of charges against them, since the State settled the case. Below we interview IRFFAN, the reclusive but doggedly loyal Fan of the IndoEuracist "Researchers".

We: "Irffan, you must have heaved a sigh of relief when this news came out"

I: "Of course not. We had a plane waiting fueled and ready to fly to Buenos Aires if the Judge had put out a warrant against us. There are many Aryans in Aryantina, I mean Argentina, no?

We: But.. were you anxious that the case was heading to trial?

Irffan: "Gott im Himmel! You dumbkopf! Of course it was not going to trial. We had instructed the attorneys to plead urgent ambulance-chasing duties, to delay the trial, for the past 3 years. With the entire Board of AIG needing their services, it was easy for the attorneys to plead inability to return to the country, since many had taken up permanent residence in the Cayman Islands after representing the Bond Rating Agencies.

We: What were some of the issues in the case, Irffan?

I: What do you mean, "WERE"? There ARE many issues. One is that the California State Board is refusing to pay my Consluting Fee, saying that my advice cost them over $20 Million and when they charge that against my account, they are billing me for $19,999,999.98. This is very unfair. I think my advice is worth at least 3 cents!

We: "But what is their basis for claiming $20M costs? I heard they gave the CAPEEM only $175,000?

I: They are practising extortion. They claim that they had to pay the Hindootva HAF $15,000,000 because the HAF had hired these expensive attorneys who charged them that much. But WHY pay $175,000 to the CAPEEM? They are just a bunch of brown Dravidians, not even Aryans! Their lawyer did not cost nearly so much, and all their costs were covered by evil Hindoos!

We: Perhaps the California State Attorneys' fees came to over $16M?

I: Their fees came to over $16M, because they are so slow. It took them over 5 hours just to read the Letter Signed By the 117 Indology Experts, and they charged $300 per hour, and then they passed the letter around between the 6 of them, so that each charged $1500.

We: But that was just $9000, Irrfan..

IRFFAN: That was just one small example. My Deposition alone came to 1,700,000 pages, including all the 15,000 posts at the IER. These lawyers claimed that after reading each page, they had to take a 15-minute break to put BEN-GAY on their ribs. I don't know why. The trouble is that they spent so much time rolling on the floor and laughing instead of reading seriously.

We: Did you explore other options, Iffran?

I: Of course. We checked with Colombia, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba and Democratic People's Republic of Korea, none of which have an extradition treaty with the US, but they all threatened to shoot down our plane if we tried to land there. Ahmedinejad in Iran looked promising, since they are putting up "ARYAN" posters there, but it was doubtful whether the voting machines that he had ordered from Florida would be released in time for export. So Aryantina was the best option.

We: "Dr. Stephen Farmer claimed many times on IER over the past 3 years that the CAPEEM case would be dismissed immediately. What happened, Irffan?

I: Herr Doktor Farmer was very prescient. He knew that once CAPEEM was completely satisfied, they would ask the Court to dismiss the case. He thought they would do that in a few days, but it has taken over 3 years.

We: What are your plans for the future, Irffan?
I: Herr Doktor Professor Witzel of Harvard University has invited me to hear his passionate defense of his Consluting Business before the (Aquatic) Board of Harvard, and I have to go there. Beyond that, maybe I will buy that ticket to Aryantina after all...

Saturday, January 26, 2008

IER Fan Club Demolishes Oily Hindootva Bamiyan Lies

In a strongly-worded statement, the Indo Euracist Researchers' Fan Club IRFFAN has demolished the recent attempt by Hindootvadins to disgrace Aryan Invasion Theory. IRFFAN says:

Recently the Hindootvadins have disguised themselves as Japanese and claimed that cave oil paintings of Buddhas in the Bamiyan caves of Afghanistan, predate the invention of Oil Painting by Saint Pico, Patron Saint of IER. This is a particularly nasty attack by the Hindootvadins, no doubt led by "Dr." (of engineering, not of musharraf-scratching unlike our dear Harvard Indology colleagues!) Ra - Jaram. It is nasty because Herr Professor Doctor (of Aryan Studieren!) Witlez has such close links with Japan and gets billions of Yen every year to go there in summer. No doubt the Hindootvadins are trying to cause a conflict between the 1000-Jahr Aryan Reich and the Emperor of Japan, who have been good friends since the Mutual Defence and Spoils-Sharing Treaty of 1938. "Zees weel not succeeed!" screeched Herr Witlez about this atrocity. And well he should!

A recent Harvard Indology Experts Expedition has rapidly disproved the Hindootvadins' claim. They have explored caves recently discovered in Africa, and found other oil paintings.

A sample is given here. It clearly shows both that oil paintings were common in ancient Europe long before the Age of Clothing and Modesty, and that horses were also present at that time. The IndoEuracist Researcher shown riding the Aryan horse in the picture occupied the Chair of IndoEuracism at Harram(Harem) Award Caves, predecessor of today's Harvard University.


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Indology Survey for Witzelites

This appeared at the BLOGspot "Shadow Warrior" and claims to have been developed by "Indology Fan Club". We have received several enquiries asking whether we are responsible for this. IRFFAN is not commenting on this at this time, but posting it in full.

( Above: Indology researchers recently gathered at Harvard to discuss the Hindutva's vicious use of Weapons of Mass Data(WMD) to destroy the hallowed ancient traditions of Aryan Superiority Scholarship in Education and Sociology.

Indology Survey for Witzelites
july 20th, 2006

For your entertainment.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Indology Fan Club <>
Date: Jul 20, 2006 4:05 AM
Subject: Indology Survey for Witzelites

Dear friend,

This survey was emailed to all academics who signed the famous Witzel petition. Any help on follow-up via the Indian (or Hindu) NRI community on this will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

- Indology Fan Club


Dear Sir/Madam,

You are one of a group of people who have been listed as scholars of international repute in petition filed with California Board of Education.

I am compiling and publishing the facts surrounding the California middle school textbook corrections which you opposed. As you may recall, you signed your name, and your institutional affiliation, to lend credibility to a letter written by the Friends of South Asia / Mr. Michael Witzel addressed to the California State Board of Education (See ), alleging various intents and ascribing various motives to the parents who were trying to get the texts corrected.

I would like to try to be accurate in describing your actions. So please provide answers to the following questions.

1. Before you signed that letter, did you read the complete set of edits approved by the Ad Hoc Content Review Panel appointed by the CSBE, on Hinduism and India?

2. If you answered Yes to #1, please attach a copy of an email that you wrote after reading them, but before you signed that letter, indicating that you had read them. Obviously this is a critical issue, since you signed to the effect that you had familiarized yourself with the edits - and were described as a "world expert" on the matters where the letter claimed competence.

3. If you answered Yes to #1, did you compare the scope, extent, and sources of the edits proposed on Hinduism and India, to those on Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and Christianity? Please provide evidence of this comparison done before you endorsed the letter.

In the following, please describe your expertise in the matter of middle-school textbook content on India, Hinduism, and ancient Indian civilization. Please list subject areas, year and institution where you achieved degrees in related subject areas, and your work since then which supports the claim of expertise.

4. Have you been outside an airplane/airport in India in the past 10 years? (Please note: Nepal is NOT in India)
5. Please list the Indian languages you can read/write at least at a tenth-grade Indian state curriculum level.

6. Have you actually passed Sanskrit at the 6th-grade Indian Central Schools Curriculum (or equivalent, please specify) level?

7. Have you read any of Kalidasa's major works (can you name 4?)in the following in the original Sanskit?
8. Have you read the textbooks used in California's middle schools today, including the parts discussing India? Please name the books with which you are familiar.
9. Do you endorse Mr. Witzel's assertion that the Mahabharatha was written before the Ramayana?
10. Do you believe U. Chicago Pornographer Wendy Doniger's assertion that the Mahabharatha was written by Vyasa per dictation from Shri Ganesha?
11. If "no" to the above, do you believe the Mahabharatha was written by
a) Valmiki per dictation from Krishna
b) no one, since Dr. S.A. Farmer claims that the early Indians did not have any written script until they were educated by Alexander the Great, who learned Sanskrit from the 900 Theses of Pico in Rome.

The next questions relate to the logic you used.
12. What was Valmiki's caste?
13. How did Valmiki learn to write, given that you believe that several castes were kept illiterate in ancient India?
14. What was the caste of Thunjath Ezhuttassan (what work is he famous for?) What does the "caste" name "Ezhuthassan" mean?
15. In the Ramayana, who was Mr. Seeth to Ms. Rama?

16. What is "Marumakattaayam"?
a. A South Indian dessert
b. A system of inheritance
c. A form of gay marriage among the fascist right-wing Hindutva

17. Please describe your acquaintance / working relationship with Mr. Witzel, Mr. S. Farmer, and other entities involved in this matter. Specify how Mr. Witzel is acquainted with your expertise in order to have described it in the letter.

18. Do you deny that you are a member of the Yahoo Group, "IndoEurasian Research", run by Mr. Witzel from Harvard, and Mr. Farmer, that has been widely and repeatedly quoted as making racist hate speech ?

19. Do you deny that you are a member of the Friends of South Asia (a.ka. Pakistan-American Alliance, a.k.a. Inter Services Intelligence, a.k.a. Lashkar-e-Toiba)? The Forum of Inquilabi/ Indian Leftists, a.k.a. Communist Party of India (Marxist - Liberation)? Babbar Khalsa a.k.a. Khalistan? Liberation Tamil Tigers of Eelam, a.k.a. Federation of Tamils in America?

20. Are you acquainted with Mr. Arun B. Vajpayee, the brave graduate student in California whom Mr. Witzel described as having alerted him to the impending dangers of the textbooks being corrected? If so, please state how you are acquainted with him.

The following relate to your positions on the textbooks:

21. Are you a practising believer in the Hindu faith?

22. Do you agree with the Harvard PhD and UC Berkeley faculty member who claims that one has to be born a Hindu to be a practising Hindu?

23. Can you name 5 Hindu religious holidays?

24. Do you agree that these holidays should be given equal importance to Jewish, Christian and Islamic holidays?

25. Your letter specifically threatened CSBE's Ruth Green with an "international scandal" unless she stopped the textbook process and inserted Mr. Witzel and his consulting pals into the process. Could you explain this threat?

26. Were you perhaps threatening to expose Commissioner Alan Bersin's financial dealings in his former job, or his current conflict of interest?

27. Do you deny knowing that Mr. Bersin is a Harvard Overseer / Trustee charged with fundraising for Harvard, while hiring a Harvard professor as a consultant to a position where he can direct the multi-hundred-million-dollar California textbook budget to Harvard?

28. Did you disagree with Mr. Witzel's and Mr. Farmer's attempts to put pictures of latrine-cleaning in middle school textbooks to humiliate Indian-American children?

29. Did you object to Mr. Witzel's declaration that Indian-American Hindus are "HIINAs" and that their daughters study Indian dance because of poor morals?

30. Do you think it is uacceptable ethics at your university for a professor to go and change his /her teaching evaluations on a website to read all glowing and identical?

Thank you for your answers in advance.

Yours truly,
- Indology Club"

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

IER Denies Accusations of Bigotry and Hate-Mongering

Members of the Indo Eurasian Research Group, the country's largest Angry Harvard Lat*in* Scholars, vowed today to continue the "battle" against modern science. They were railing against the shocking news that the University of Massachussetts is conducting a conference to laugh at their their Neo-Nazi Aryan Invasion Theory. It may be recalled that Harvard Professor Herr Lat*in*fuehrer Witzel and his WitzelJugend of 117 SouthAsia Scholars have been stumped by the question of how horses came to pose with their backsides to the camera in Harappa and Mohenjodaro, mimicking Harvard faculty photos taken over 5000 years later.

IER's Lat*in* Scholars bitterly complained that the UMASS conference was aimed to "snuff out any scholarly momentum on the part of REAL Indology scholars."

The IER's predicament is eerily reminescent of their role models, the National Alliance. Dr. Shuna Sedhoy, the IER's most famous Ikonomics scholar and the role model for the Downstairs characters in "Upstairs-Downstairs", was especially bitter. "As you know, the National Alliance are nice and kind massahs. They can sing cultured European songs like "Horse Wizel Lied". They were so kind to me, by giving me a Fellowship at the Alabama Center for Pure White Thought, where the Motto is "Kill 'em All, Let Gawd Sort 'em Out!" I was in charge of the outhouses, both the Gents and the Ladies', and I was also in charge of cleaning the lawns of the dog-poo. It was excellent training to be a Lat*in* Scholar.

The majority of Americans have no standards, you know - they allowed all these technically trained brown Hindoos into North America! I am an Ikonomics PhD and I am only a Lecturer in a lousy sixth-rate school in Antarctica!"

Thursday, March 23, 2006

STL fires DJ for Racial Slur; Harvard Praises Witzel for Worse

Harvard University has praised Professor Witzel for spending his weekends on IER, making racist slurs against Indian-Americans and Indians in general.

IRFFAN is delighted to present the contrast:

a) How low-class outfits behave:

"Radio Host Fired for Using Racial Epithet

ST. LOUIS (AP) - A St. Louis radio station quickly fired a talk show host for uttering a racial epithet as he talked about Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on his morning show Wednesday.

Dave Lenihan apologized on the air immediately after making what he said was a slip of the tongue. KTRS president and general manager Tim Dorsey agreed the remark was accidental but said it was nonetheless ``unacceptable, reprehensible and unforgivable.''..

``She's been chancellor of Stanford,'' Lenihan said on the air. ``She's got the patent resume of somebody that has serious skill. She loves football. She's African-American, which would kind of be a big coon. A big coon. Oh my God. I am totally, totally, totally, totally, totally sorry for that.''

He said he had meant to say ``coup'' instead of the racial slur.
.. Twenty minutes after the utterance, Dorsey went on the air to apologize to Rice and KTRS listeners. ``There can be no excuse for what was said,'' Dorsey said. ``Dave Lenihan has been let go. ... There is enough hate. We certainly are not going to fan those flames.''

(And we don't want to compete with Harvard, which has the market cornered..)
Reached at home, Lenihan said he was still trying to figure out what happened and was drafting a letter of apology to Rice. He said he never uses the slur he uttered and thinks Rice is ``a fantastic woman.''

Lenihan, formerly a drive-time host at WGNU radio in St. Louis, had been at KTRS for less than two weeks.... ``Ratings were going well. It kind of stinks.''

b) Compare that to how Harvard handles matters:
Professor Michael Witzel called Indian-American Hindus: "HIINAs", commended the creation of crematoria for them, and has joined "FOSA" which includes Harvard alumna Ayesha Jalal, who has argued in writing for terrorist strikes inside India to kill Indians.


IER Lat*in* Scholar Joannna Kirk praised Harvard for its encouragement of Prof. Witzel. See earlier post on IRFFAN reporting this - IRFFAN is always ahead of the curve.

President Summers could not be reached for comment, since he was cleaning out his office toilet with his bare hands, but a Hahvahd Co. spokesperson expressed the corporation's deep pleasure at Professor Witzel's efforts.

"Our name recognition has shot up 40000% since Michael made his "Hiinas" thesis. We are now ranked higher than Saddam Hussein and Pol Pot. With this new association with FOSA we hope to surpass Prof. Adolf Harvarditler and Prof. Moriarty. The new IPAC ConSlutting operation is also taking off very well. In Pakistan, we are welcomed into the innermost recesses of the Presidential Palace and Al Qaeda Headquarters, mostly since our Lat*in* scholarship was publicized - they had no skills at all before that in Lat*in* cleaning before Michael and Steve Farmer published their great works".

Harvard continues to cover Witzel's musharraf. What a great institution!!

Above: Missing IER Scholars returning after California State Bores of Education Meeting

Sunday, March 05, 2006

FEB. 27 designated "HINDU KUSH DAY"

President Musharraf Congratulates Professor Witzel.

Congratulations poured in from around the world for Professor Witzel and his assistant Steve Alan Farmer after their brilliant victory over the Hindutvaadins in Sacramento. Herr Fuehrer Lars commended the "samurai" Witzel and Farmer, and hyperventilated that the Hindutva would never rise again. General Musharraf described the 5-0 victory inside 1 minute of deliberations on the list of 77 edits, as "the greatest victory since my Referendum in 2003". His message said:

"Even in Gujranwala I was able to get only 98 bejent abbroval onlee, even with 1200 bejent of the registered voters voting early and often. What you have done is a small step for a Nazi, but one giant leap for the California Board of Education and all other dictators and kangaroos- I mean Chief Executives! You gave them the ballot with the vote written on it already. Brilliant!"

Professor Witzel himself had described the decision by the California Curriculum SubCommittee several hours before it was made, in a prescient email posted to his followers like us on the Indo-Eurasian Research Forum. It was titled "HINDUTVA ROUT IN CALIFORNIA" and celebrated the decision that the Committee had assured him they would take, regardless of what the Hindutvaadins said on that day.

"Zis is sehr gut! Es ist das Blitzkrieg von das Hindu Kush!" said Professor Witzel's classmate Hans Bormann, head of the ODESSA. General Musharraf agreed in his letter. "In 1948 when the Pakistani Army -er - I mean Mujaheddin - rolled into Skardu, the commander sent a message to Headquarters. It was short and sweet:

"All Hindus and Sikhs killed. All women raped and captured for further use". We have been trying to win such a victory over Hindus but THE DAMN YANKEES WON'T EVEN LET ME NUKE THEM!" I WANT THEM ALL DEA*! PLEASE KI** THEM AND *UT THEM INTO *IE*ES LIKE GOHAR AYUB KHAN PROMISED!

Well, General Musharraf, we wish you a long dictatorship - I mean Chief Executionership - and please allow the next IER team visiting Harappa to carry their own two truckloads of "Southern Comfort" with those pictures of hindu goddess serving liquor - you know, that picture was designed by a Harvard Indology and Pornography Dual Degree graduate? They used Professor Witzel's new "IPAC" conslutancy service, and Professor Thapar and Professor Shenoy posed as the models for the two whisky jugs. Also, please don't ask about the strange-smelling smoke rising from our tents. We have to be "flying" before we can see Harvard professors' faces on those Harappan seals.

Assistant Farmer was not available for comment. There is no truth to the rumors that he was exhibiting severe withdrawal symptoms at the hearing, although it is true that attendees had to go through a metal detector and there were some cute Dobermans sniffing at everyone's pants and backpacks. Stay tuned.
Credit for picture:

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Prof. Witzel Wins Dharma Debate!

Congratulations to Professor Witzel! At a debate conducted by the "dharma" student organization at Harvard University on February 3, Professor Witzel brilliantly fought back against a determined effort to unsettle him by throwing deep Sanskrit sentences at him. IRFAN has some difficulty in getting the audio tapes of this meeting and transcribing what was on it (there seemed to be a strange sound like that of 75 people giggling at once..) but we managed nevertheless, and bring you the precise, unedited version, EXCLUSIVE TO IRFAN.

First, in Professor Witzel's own words at IER:
"Ze Hindootvadis are trying to test me! Ihren sprechen im das Sanskrit und Ich repliert im das Sanskrit. Dumbkopfen Braminen vere showing off zeir zuperiority! To ME! An ARYAN!

Way to go, Prof. Witzel! Showed them, didn't we?

IRFAN has obtained an exact transcription from video of the event.

At 7:03:03:02 - Professor Witzel is speaking. Sounds like: "Zees natives are all ze accountanten und engineeren. Ze are not like me! Ich hab spent funf jahren im das Nepal und ich bin sie greatest expert in ze entire WELT! Ich bin ein Linguist!"

7:03:45:04 - minor disturbance in audience. A mother seen grabbing for , but missing, her brat, age circa 5, wearing uniform of Hahvahd Wunderkindergarten and DayCare Center. Brat jumps up, and yells:


7:03:46:15: Professor Witzel: Pauses, looks straight at brat. Smiles. One can almost see the brilliant Linguistic Brain spinning at Hyperdrive, interpreting, sorting, placing, dissecting, analyzing, and coming up with the super deduction.

7:03:46:20: Pindrop silence broken by a few inexplicable giggles around the room.

7:03:47:30: "Aham Arya KULA Chakravathin Asmi!"

7:03:47:36: Pindrop silence erupts in wild cheers! People laugh out loud from joy! papers and books tossed into the air!

7:04:02:20: Audience settles down a bit. Professor Dino Eek rushes out with a "Peetambaram" (yellow turkey towel with a giant "HOLIDAY INN" printed on it) and wraps it around Prof. Witzel's waist as a mark of honor and respect for so brilliantly winning that debate with the kindergartner. Embarassed mother lifts brat by the waistband and carts him out of the hall!

That was not all...

7:43:21:20 Professor Witzel was just finishing recounting his experiences in Nepal, and saying: "I veesh I could hab stayed in ze Katmandu for ze long zeit!"

Interruption: A hand sticks up. Professor Witzel points to the questioner.

Questioner (a 4th-grader from Cambridge Elementary):

"Hey, mister! My older brother told me to tell you:

'Jo Kaatmandoo mein gandoo
woh Leiden aur Boston mein bhi gandoo"

Pindrop silence. A few sharp intakes of breath.

7:43:30 Professor Witzel has finished parsing, dissecting, deconstructing and linguisticizing that, and understood the very origins of that Sanskrit "sloka" perfectly. It is from the Rig Veda. Composed on the shores of the Black Sea, which is not far from the Black Forest, in 1221 BCE. Calls for an appropriate response:

Professor Witzel: "Bhavitavyam bhaved eva. Aham WitzelaH Asmi".

Audience erupts again. Wild applause at this beautifully simple, lucid answer. Thoroughly defeated in debate, the stunned kindergartner is dragged out of the hall by the ear, by his irate Big Sister.

Way to go, Professor Witzel! Try to stump you with dem long, complicated Sanskrit quotations, will they? Heh-heh!

IRFAN adds:

Please don't believe reports by the Hindutva that Herr Doktor Witzel, Wails Professor of Sanskrit at Harvard University, was crushed in a debate on his area of competence by a *****drumbeat**** 23-YEAR-OLD BUSINESS STUDENT ********** AN "ACCOUNTANT"!!!!***

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Professor Deshpande Straightens Out Daniel Golden of Wall Street Journal!

Professor Madhav Deshpande, Professor of Asian Languages, Professor of Cultures and Professor of Linguistics, Professor of Sanskrit, Historical Linguistics, Sanskrit Grammatical Tradition, Sanskrit Phonetics, Indo-Aryan Linguistics, Sociolinguistics of Sanskrit and Prakrit languages and Professor of Indian History at the College of Literature, Science, the Arts, Religious Superstitions, Appreciation of Basket-Weaving and Vertical Kinematics To Clean Floors, at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (obviously, Michigan is a polytitlistic university) , has kindly published the strong letter that he sent to Daniel Golden of the Wall Street Journal. In an article published on the front page of the WSJ, Golden had failed to do adequate justice to Prof. Deshpande's explanation on why Hindus are polytheistic. Reportedly, Golden fell asleep (something that U.Mich students NEVER do in Prof. Deshpande's classes) after about 20 minutes of Prof. Deshpande's explanation, and hence devoted only 1.3754 lines in his article to what he learned there. Professor Deshpande in his own words:


"Madhav M. Deshpande"
Date: Thu Jan 26, 2006 2:30 am
Subject: My views mentioned in Daniel Golden's article in WSJ 1-25-06

Send Email

Dear List members,
I have sent the following letter to the Editor of the Wall Street Journal I am reproducing here so that the readers can see My views in My own words.
Madhav Deshpande

To Editor Wall Street Journal
Dear Sir,

In the Eastern Edition of today's (1-25-06) issue of WSJ, Mr. Daniel Golden has published an important article: Defending the Faith: New Battle Ground in Textbook Wars; Religion in History; Hindu, Islamic, Jewish Groups Fault Portrayals of Events and Often Win Changes. In this article, Mr. Daniel Golden refers to his phone conversation with Me and briefly describes My views on the current dispute in California regarding depiction of Hinduism. In abbreviating my views, his statements are likely to misinform the reader as to exactly what My views are, and hence it is appropriate to briefly state My views in My own words.

I wish Mr. Golden had given Me an opportunity to see the copy of his article before it was published. I may have been able to help him phrase My views with better clarity (IRFAN notes: see lucid prose below). In any case, the following is a gist of what I told Mr. Golden in our phone conversation. ....(IRFAN notes: complete and unabridged, as heard and jotted down by Mr. Golden or most listeners)

On inequalities of women, all one...
as for women.. / thighs /mouth debate... there are sufficient .. needs to do is to read the Laws of Manu in all its details is caste Vedic ..other subsequent religious/legal caste and the status of authorities.. as it gets.. part of the traditional Hinduism the purusasukta hymn giving origins of four castes from the arms and polytheism feet of the cosmic monotheism primordial being is ... and is repeated by Manu .were directly responding to critiques of Hinduism.. and . studies of 19th century India that Indian religious reformers (e.g. Brahmo Samaj of Bengal, Arya Samaj of Punjab, Prarthana Samaj of Pune etc.) ... in their environment and ... such as meditation on Brahman "primordial underlying universal reality" above all the contemporary diverse practices that have continued unabated to this day. The Hindu unwelcome accretions of ..
reformers of the colonial period ..

(IRFAN adds the IER WitzelJugend Chorus:
caste, untouchability, child-marriage, bride-burning, cow, caste, communal riot, toilet-cleaning, dalit, technical degrees, Aryan Invasion, Inquilab Zindabad..Prominent Academics!" )

highlighting some aspect of the old tradition .. projected all the religious and social reforms they were seeking back ..., and that allowed them to claim that what they were proposing was not something new, but merely a return to a purer past, by discarding the ...the medieval period..into ancient Vedic past... , etc. were deemed as having arisen ..My own grand mother was post-Vedic medieval times. All social/religious dimensions such as caste, child marriage, ..., unequal treatment of , and were claimed not to be part of true/original/ancient Hinduism of the Vedas. The Vedas were deemed to provide a form of modernity more modern than the contemporary modernity provided by the colonial rulers and missionaries' burning of the widows . Every issue like caste, untouchability, child-marriage, was debated hotly in the 19th century and early 20th century India, where I am glad that I was born... to.. both the reformers and their orthodox opponents were making claims of going back to the purer past.

(IRFAN adds the IER WitzelJugend Chorus:
caste, untouchability, child-marriage, bride-burning, cow, caste, communal riot, toilet-cleaning, dalit, technical degrees, Aryan Invasion, Inquilab Zindabad..Prominent Academics!" )

Such is the complex history of these debates, and reforms, many of which fortunately were incorporated into the modern Hindu Code Bill, giving shape to modern Hindu society. I was born at the age of 9 which was the norm in those days in India. The Hindu monogamy of the present day India is not a continuation of some classical tradition, but has been brought about only by relatively modern legislations, rather than the pre-modern tradition that clearly sanctioned polygamy. Such modern reforms, many now incorporated in modern Hindu laws (the Hindu Code Bill) passed by the and cannot be imagined to have been effective all through the history of norms ..that tradition. Otherwise there would have been no need for Indian parliament are drastic changes from the prior
reform movements.

(IRFAN adds the IER WitzelJugend Chorus:
caste, untouchability, child-marriage, bride-burning, cow, caste, communal riot, toilet-cleaning, dalit, technical degrees, Aryan Invasion, Inquilab Zindabad..Prominent Academics!" )

in a post-social-reform Hinduism, but that does not make these reforms part of the pre-reform classical and ancient Hindu history and...

(ALLLOOOO!! Is that you snoring? Wake up, little Daniel!)

in the Madhva Vaisnava family of Deshpandes in southern Maharashtra where My grand-father grew up, the name of god Shiva was banned from the house, because they were worshippers of Vishnu. In the Madhva Vaishnava dialect of Marathi in our house, they would not use the common Marathi verb "shiv" to sew clothes, but found alternative words. Even while scrubbing floors, the Madhva Vaishnava women of my family many generations ago used to scrub floors with vertical motions of hand, rather than sideways, because that resembled the Shaiva marks on the forehead. Such was the Shaiva/Vaishnava divide, part of daily experience even within
own family a few generations ago.

(IRFAN adds the IER WitzelJugend Chorus:
caste, untouchability, child-marriage, bride-burning, cow, caste, communal riot, toilet-cleaning, dalit, technical degrees, Aryan Invasion, Inquilab Zindabad..Prominent Academics!" )

"Sages speak of one truth in various ways" is just one single statement of the ancient Vedic text of the Rigveda that stands besides the thousands of Vedic hymns and ritual sacrificial practices

(IRFAN: Yes, we know, professor! Isn't that like,,., e=mc^2 is just one statement among millions of papers proving Flat Earth Theory? We done learned that in our Pissiks 666 class last semester taught by Comrade
Academician Professor Ass-e-tush Wash-nay!)

... where making specific offerings to different specific gods is specifically required. There has been a wide gap between..
gods and goddesses.. the philosophical unity of Brahman proposed by the Upanisads, and the diversity of actual religious practice of worshiping many different gods and goddesses. The typical phrases in most rituals, after worshipping various ...Nyaya, Vaisesika, Samkhya, and Mimamsa,
is sarvebhyo devebhyo namo namaH (salutations to all gods) in plural (IRFAN adds: all in small case letters .. and all Politburo Comrades and all UberHochschuleFuehrers in Capital Lettters: Marx, Lenin, Angana Chatterji, Vijay Prashad, Vinay Lal, Stalin, Witzel, Farmer, Fosse, Shenoy).

The term "monotheism" is ..the 9th century philosopher sankara..
inappropriate to describe the beliefs in one braha cow as the principle that underlies all reality, and creates and incorporates all gods without rejecting them along with everything else the best term for this form of "brahman=Everything-ism" is perhaps monism (advanita), rather than monotheism (eka-isvara-vada) that is why , a proponent of this kind of monism, rejects the possibility of devotion of god in the ultimate state of brahman-realization no devotion is possible, when there is only one entity in real existence even then only advanitins ever subscribed to this sort of monism.
(IRFAN adds the IER WitzelJugend Chorus:
caste, untouchability, child-marriage, bride-burning, cow, caste, communal riot, toilet-cleaning, dalit, technical degrees, Aryan Invasion, Inquilab Zindabad..Prominent Academics!" )

More hindu traditions opposed it, including the celebrated hindu traditions of not to mention the dwight d. vedanta, or the worshippers of many gods and goddesses plurality is the core of hindu religious life of the masses, with only a rare philosopher claiming that all gods are in reality only different names of the same truth.

If I had to write
My own views in My
own words, this is how I would write them.

(IRFAN adds: Oh, thanks, Professor, I got that all down perfectly. So apparently these were NOT your writing and his own words! Wonder where he plagiarized them? It's OK, Professor Deshpande, as long as you've added that disclaimer, it should be fine with the Michigan Administration's "pluralistic" view of academic ethics!)

[These are
My personal views and not those of the institution to which I belong.]

Madhav M. Deshpande
Professor of Sanskrit and Linguistics
University of Michigan

Madhav M. Deshpande

Professor of Sanskrit & Linguistics (as evident from the lucid prose)
Department of Asian Languages & Cultures
The University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1285, USA


Thank you!!! Professor Deshpande! Phew! We couldn't have IMAGINED such an INTELLECTUAL lecture!

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Wall Street Journal Attacks Professor Witzel

In a shocking attack on Professor Michael Witzel and the Indology Researchers, Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Golden gave space to Hindutva Professor Emeritus Shiva Bajpai, who was the appointed CRP reviewer. Bajpai claimed that he had to keep telling Prof. Witzel that he did not understand anything pertaining to Hinduism. Professor Witzel had no comment to offer, though the previous day he had told the IER forum to "wait for tomorrow".

Golden horribly misquoted Prominent Academic Prof. Madhav Deshpande of U. Michigan. See above for the further actions of Prof. Deshpande

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Creation Scientists to the Rescue Against Hindutva!

As Professor Farmer had announced (see "Pulitzer" story elsewhere on this BLOG), Sir Scott Baldauf, Knight of South Asia, who was commissioned by the IER to write a holy article, has come through in their Daily Offering, the Christian Science (an Oxymoron) Monitor. We thank Professor Farmer for hiring such a pliable and willing scribe with such excellent Creationist credentials.

From the above link: "Since they are taught that learning about their bodies is spiritually harmful, Christian Scientists are ill equipped to understand the symptoms of illness. They often suffer needlessly from treatable ailments and neglect life-threatening conditions that could be cured if treated in their early stages. " Thus ignorance is considered curable, but stupidity is permanent, making Mr. Baldauf especially suitable for employment to write the article for us. Thank you, Professor Farmer!

Comrade Anu S. Mandevil, also known by the nom de guerre of "Arun B. Vajpayee, Courageous Graduate Student", member of the Forum of Indian Leftists, the Communist Party of India (Maoist) and Fiends of South Asia, gave Sir Baldauf extensive comments, as did Professor Witzel. It is especially laudable that his simple Faith kept Sir Baldauf safe from checking on the "facts" in his article.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Professor Farmer Exposes Massive Funding Behind Hindutva Websites!!

In a major victory, Professor Farmer's diligent efforts have brilliantly exposed the massive funding behind the Hindutva propaganda movement. The vicious site "" has confessed to having a MASSIVE budget - over 2,140 Yen (Japanese Yen: Two Thousand One Hundred and Forty) or 90,422 Indian paise(Indian Paise: Ninety Thousand Four Hundred Twenty Two) or 43,295 Italian Liras (Italian Liras: Forty Three Thousand Two Hundred Ninety Five) !!!! Details are awaited from the InterPol and the National Security Agency where Professor Farmer is very highly regarded.

Professor Farmer Unearths Biggest-Ever Hindutva Scam! Indian-Americans caught posting website about India!

Prof Farmer at IER (post#2872) claims to have unearthed the biggest ever Hindutva scam: Indian American citizens posting a website in America about India!!!

Let's all join in condemning this outrage. This clearly cuts into our market share of the "Dalit-dollars" from the right-wing Church. Only our friends at "" run by a Texas based evangelical groups are permitted to post websites about India / Hinduism. Shockingly, the Bush Administration has blocked "" because of "persistent violence and hate propagation". Harvard lawyers will be suing the U.S. Supreme Court on Professor Witzel's behalf.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Professor Steve Farmer Promises: Praise IER - Win Pulitzer!

In IER msg: 2805

On other fronts, two of the most important national newspapers in the US are now writing feature articles on the California story, one by a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter. Both the Hindutva groups in India and the US that have pushed for these changes in California badly miscalculated in trying to stop our actions by aiming a smear campaign against Michael Witzel and Harvard University. And now, thankfully, all their efforts are blowing up in their faces.

Folks! We know of the greatness of Professor Witzel, who has in the past elevated Ms. Garzili's Masters' degree from Italy above a PhD from his own Harvard Indology School. We also know how he has generously elevated most of us to the status of "Worldwide Experts" due to our association with his own greatness. Here is further proof - Professor Farmer has announced that a writer who is writing an article on the bravery of our little (but fast-growing) IER group, will win the 2006 Pulitzer Prize. We are awed by Prof. Witzel's power and influence. Heil Witzel! Heil Farmer!

Professor Witzel leads edits of California Textbooks

Great News! Attached is the precise list of edits approved by the California Curriculum Review board, on December 2. As you can see, Professor Witzel is the leading authority who has been pressing all along for changes to the Middle School textbooks, and the Board has agreed with him on every item, and rejected most of the demands of the Hindutva. Congratulations to Michael Witzel and Steve Farmer for this brilliant achievement. Please circulate this widely. The document is provided by the FOSA, which is sponsored by the Inter Services Intelligence of Pakistan, the US' Greatest Ally in the War on Terror. We understand that the California State Board of Education's Tom ***** passed this on to the ISI, who gave it to the FOSA. We are proud that IER has such excellent International contacts with our allies!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Professor Joanna K relieved that hate remarks fail to get Prof. Witzel fired

In IER message# 2817

Joanna K states:
Congratulations on the good outcomes, and commiserations for all the additional work, airplane flights, meetings, etc., are due to Steve and Michael and to the other scholars who participated in those meetings. In this case scholarship has not lost the battle to dogmas and pet religious fantasies. Political hate campaigns did not succeed in getting scholars fired, as they have in a few instances in the US. Thus, an excellent precedent has been set here.
Joanna K.

A MIRACLE INDEED!! Professor Joanna!! Most universities would fire employees who use hate speech in their offical writings.

Professor Steve Farmer on how he defeated the Hindutva

At :

Professor Steve Farmer posts:

Truth can (indeed) be defeated by political fiction when people keep selfishly silent or are bullied into not speaking by the kinds of smear campaigns that we've (done) in the last month.

Exactly, Professor Farmer. These Hindoo parents are, as Professor Sudha Shenoy explained, not capable of writing in English to impress those California bureaucrats. We did it, hey, (wink-wink!) with a letter on Harvard letterhead and fifty signatures with titles like Chair, Table, Stool, etc. and the words "international scandal" and "world expert" tossed in, ha ha!

The dummies couldn't even figure out that the real action would occur on January 5 and January 12, not at those advertised meetings on December 2 when they were all allowed to mouth off. What did they think this was - some kind of local homeowners' meeting or City Council? We're Prominent Academics - we don't mess around with public meetings and peasants, do we, Sir?

Kudos to Professor Farmer ! You've REALLY studied Mein Kampf and Das Kapital, Sir!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Professor John Huntington: Dinosaurs preferred MING LITE

IER Msg# 2796:

"Dear Michael et al.
I am over stepping my usual boundaries here, but in a study of early Neolithic pottery in Korea I have discovered that pottery in Korea (8,000BCE. 10,000 BP) is a delayed outgrowth of the Amur River culture pottery of 13,000 to 11,000 BP. The big wine jars are associated with fermented millet and other grains that were offered in burials. China demonstrably had "Beer" can 9000 BCE. but whatever the case in China, both Amur culture and Early Neolithic Korea antedated them.

John John C. Huntington, Professor
(Buddhist Art and Methodologies)
Department of the History of Art
The Ohio State University
Columbus, OH, U.S.A."



Prof Lars Martin Fosse says:

May I publish this report on the Dalit list? I knew that
if we could get the Dalits involved, it would be a good thing. They ought to
be Hinduism's bad conscience, just like witches, heretics and homosexuals
should be Christianity's.

"Yes, Professor Fosse, and California texts devote large sections to the treatment of "witches" and homosexuals in Christianity, don't they?"

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Professor Roebuck on The Cruelty of Depriving Kids of Access to Violence

From: Valerie J Roebuck
Sent: Sunday, January 08, 2006 3:38 AM
Subject: Re: [Indo-Eurasia] Textbooks in general

".. I recently heard, on a book programme on BBC Radio 4, the (British) author of a children's book on art explaining how she chosethe examples. Apparently, on instructions from the publisher, she had to avoid any paintings of the nude figure (because the Americans wouldn't like them) and any paintings involving physical violence, especially cruelty to animals (because the British wouldn't like them). It seemed to have limited her choice of works of art quite a lot, but no-one on the programme seemed to be shocked by all this--rather it was taken as a given.

(Needless to say, I don't think anyone asked the children what they would be interested in seeing--this was all about what people would supposedly like 'their' children to see.)

Valerie J Roebuck
Manchester, UK

Oh, yeah, Professor Roebuck, one should always put in textbooks what CHILDREN WANT to see. Same with internet access for children too? Yeah, that's right, isn't it?

"PG" means "Pretty Gory" in the movie ratings, doesn't it?

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Professor Farmer's Favorite Book
(full post can be found at above URL, moderated by Professor S.A. Farmer Himself) .....

> " the Big Lie there is always a certain force of credibility;
> because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted
> in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or
> voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they
> more readily fall victims to the Big Lie than the small lie, since
> they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be
> ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods." (_Mein Kampf_, 1925.)

.... Steve

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Professor Steve A. Farmer of IER Celebrates His Bureaucrat Friends’ Treatment of American Lady Taxpayer At Public Hearing

New Year's eve letter on IER from Steve A. Farmer:


"The department staff, already angry at the Commissioners for ignoring their recommendations and hard work, pushed the chair away so she (Janeshwari Devi of VHF) couldn't sit at the table.".

Wow! Congratulations Professor Farmer! You have such terrific supporters on the Staff of the California Curriculum Commission!

California Updates:

1. 50 Prominent Academics Write to California State Board of Education, rejecting all changes sought by ‘Hindutva Extremists’ and threatening International Scandal.

2. Professors Witzel and Farmer Declare Victory- all changes squelched, Professor Witzel, Wolpert, Heinrich appointed “Super Curriculum Review panel” on India and Hinduism Content.

3. Professor Witzel writes to generate support to Pressure California SBE

4. Professor Farmer Lampoons claims in HPI Report on December 2 Meeting.

5. Professor Farmer Declares Victory since California accepts all that Super CRP demanded.

6. Professor Farmer curses “idiocy” of SBE.

7. Professor Farmer Decries Attack on Professor Witzel by HAF, VF, HEF, ESHI, and the Windmills of California.

8. Professor Farmer cites Harvard Lawyers’ Blanket Approval of Professor Witzel’s Statements.

9. Professor Farmer promises massive lawsuit against 1800 signors of Petition to Harvard about Professor Witzel’s activities.

10. Professor Farmer Rationalizes Racist Remarks of Witzel.

11. Professor Farmer publishes Eye-Witness Reports of December 2 meeting; cites ‘confirmation’ by HPI report.

12. Professor Farmer celebrates personal rudeness of his friends on the CDE Board towards American lady taxpayer at citizen hearing.

Professor Maurizio Tosi of University of BOLOGNA Explains Philosophy of IER and its Prominent Academics

Below, Professor Maurizio Tosi of the University of Bologna, one of IER’s 50 Prominent Academics, demonstrates what Dr. Sudha Shenoy says about the linguistic excellence of IER’s Prominent Academics as compared to the ignorance of uppity Hindutvas who learned math, science and engineering. In the letter below, he gives a deep scholarly treatise in response to a message from some lay bank employee. Please admire the superb English below.

From: <>
Date: Dec 11, 2005 5:08 AM
Subject: RE: Why do 50-odd 'international academics' humiliate the hindu?
To: *************
Cc: Frenez Dennys <>, Witzel Michael <>

Dear Sir,
I understand your plea....But religion has a distinctive place in our Western Civilization,: your heart, your home, your inner circles. Outside your coscience we respect and defend as the choice of an independent mind, the LAW is our god, the LAW made by the humans for the humans. I know no god, I have no soul, I am food for the worms or.....the fishes if I die in India.....Since on January 1st 1643 the British Parliament executed for treachery the king Charles 1st Europe has made a choice/ NOBODY, least of all a dream of abstraction for fear of death like god, allah and the like, ought to be above our LAW. It might be a wrong law, but it is real. So if you choose to send your chjildren to our schools, to train them in a competitive environment of science....DO NOT bother us with the crap of your soulms and fears. Wer hjave enough of fanatics who exploit our liberality; Your freedom ends where mine begins.....
Maurizio Tosi

>-- Messaggio Originale --
>Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2005 00:38:08 -0500
>From: xxxxxxxxxx
>To: xxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: Why do 50-odd 'international academics' humiliate the hindu?
>Open letter to the 50-odd 'international academics' who were co-signatories
>of Nov.8, Nov. 26 Witzel letters

Mama Mia! Maurizio bambino! Way to go! What lucid writing! Almost like Guillermo Sheikh von Speer! Caramba!

Hon. Associate of Economic History Dr. SUDHA SHENOY of UNIVERSITY OF NEWCASTLE, on why Americans are too stupid to diagnose Hindu Uppityness:

"Before 1947, US immigration policies were so restrictive, barely a handful of Indians got in. The tiny quotas were filled for years, even a decade ahead.

Indian (& Asian) immigration could take off from the later 1960s onwards, because immigration regulations now allowed in migrants with technical skills. Hence the huge numbers of technically highly trained Indians in the US. Business migrants were also now allowed in.

In both groups, many came from Indian backgrounds where they learned English as a necessary tool only, & had little or no contact with the wider culture, literature, etc. So they have an excellent technical training/business acumen, but hardly any wider _education_. Naturally they take in Hindutva doctrines completely uncritically: they do not have the foundations to even recognise that such notions have to be considered sceptically. "

Yes, Memsaheb Sudha! These Uppity Natives have to be put in their propah places, Memsaheb!

Dr. Shenoy represents the cream of IER’s international expertise,and as one of the leading economic history teachers in Australia, is clearly more competent than these lay Americans, to decide what should be taught to their American schoolchildren.

Professor Michael Witzel of Harvard University, the World’s Greatest Expert on Indian History, Explains Hindus and Indian-Americans

Note: Professor Witzel stayed for a WHOLE YEAR in Nepal, and is thus the world’s leading expert on south Asia.

Message in IER Yahoogroup # 2300

[mod's note: While it still is weekend here, let us continue with such
slightly off-topic discussions, but revert to straight-forward research
on Monday. Nevertheless, as it sheds some light on the background of
this thread, read this:]

“The Hindus in North America ( HINAs) are not just hiina, "lost, abandoned", but they (understandably) cling to their homeland in all manners they can come up with. "Reforming" our schoolbooks according to an imagined Golden Age (Ram Raj), hoary India is just one of the expressions we can observe.

They also tell their daughters to study Classical Indian dance (not exactly a highly regarded occupation back home), they build many
temples and have Sunday schools (as many other ethnicities do). But,
they hardly invest in Higher Education as other successful Asians have
done. Nor allow their children to study items outside Law or Medicine,
such as Indian Studies, --- the only way that members of their group
could speak with real authority (for example, in school books).

However, as they are NRIs ("non returning Indians", as I just learned from a Hindi movie), they have begun ---as an old, very conservative US Brahmin friend pointed out to me already in 1994—building crematoria as well.

And see that they children marry within the local caste of origin (preferably, as per advertisement, of "fair' or "wheatish" color), if necessary imported out of India. (I have represented in court for one unfortunate victim of such a cross-cultural RNI-Indian marriage).

Or at least, they look for a spouse within the same general Indian caste (jaati), or worse, class (varna), or worst, among any Indians.

They have seen too many of their children marry US people (whether of other Asian or of European descent; Blacks seem unthinkable). And loose their Hinduism, which second generation people just understand as "boaring rituals" (puja, etc.), temple visits and Indian (mythological) comic books ...

All such items add to the heady brew that we have seen emerging here...

Cheers, MW
Michael Witzel
Department of Sanskrit and Indian Studies, Harvard University
1 Bow Street , 3rd floor, Cambridge MA 02138
1-617-495 3295 Fax: 496 8571
direct line: 496 2990"

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Indology Researchers' Fan Club

This site is created by admirers of the Harvard School of Indology and Sanskrit Studies, and the brave Indology Researchers who they lead in their campaign to protect and defend the history of Western Civilization. In order to not confuse readers, we are not using the term "Indo Eurasian Research" because that is the title of a deeply Scholarly Yahoo! Group where our heroes and heroines regularly post their awesome discussions. Being mere Engineers, Computer Programmers and others not familiar with the English language, and lacking the wider vision and linguistic talents of the IER, we can only post selected pearls of wisdom from their utterings, in an offering of deepest humility and admiration.