Monday, January 16, 2006

Professor Witzel leads edits of California Textbooks

Great News! Attached is the precise list of edits approved by the California Curriculum Review board, on December 2. As you can see, Professor Witzel is the leading authority who has been pressing all along for changes to the Middle School textbooks, and the Board has agreed with him on every item, and rejected most of the demands of the Hindutva. Congratulations to Michael Witzel and Steve Farmer for this brilliant achievement. Please circulate this widely. The document is provided by the FOSA, which is sponsored by the Inter Services Intelligence of Pakistan, the US' Greatest Ally in the War on Terror. We understand that the California State Board of Education's Tom ***** passed this on to the ISI, who gave it to the FOSA. We are proud that IER has such excellent International contacts with our allies!


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