Monday, January 16, 2006

Professor Steve Farmer Promises: Praise IER - Win Pulitzer!

In IER msg: 2805

On other fronts, two of the most important national newspapers in the US are now writing feature articles on the California story, one by a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter. Both the Hindutva groups in India and the US that have pushed for these changes in California badly miscalculated in trying to stop our actions by aiming a smear campaign against Michael Witzel and Harvard University. And now, thankfully, all their efforts are blowing up in their faces.

Folks! We know of the greatness of Professor Witzel, who has in the past elevated Ms. Garzili's Masters' degree from Italy above a PhD from his own Harvard Indology School. We also know how he has generously elevated most of us to the status of "Worldwide Experts" due to our association with his own greatness. Here is further proof - Professor Farmer has announced that a writer who is writing an article on the bravery of our little (but fast-growing) IER group, will win the 2006 Pulitzer Prize. We are awed by Prof. Witzel's power and influence. Heil Witzel! Heil Farmer!


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